Rylie’s Top 10 Games (as of 2/1/2014)

Rylie is my nine-year-old gaming daughter. She got started with Carcassonne, Forbidden Island and Ticket to Ride at age seven, and has been “subjected” to a wide range of medium to medium-heavy games over the last couple of years 🙂

Her top games fluctuate often, but here is her current list:

1. At The Gates Of Loyang – “I like all the actions to choose from”
2. Caverna – “I like the caves and the farms, instead of just farms”
3. Steam Park – “It’s like having people come to an amusement park that I built.”
4. Trains
5. Russian Railroads
6. Bruges
7. Galaxy Trucker
8. Legacy: The Testament of Duke DeCrecy
9. Downfall of Pompeii
10. Kingsburg



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