Weekly Plays 2013: 12/7 – 12/14

In my quest to play the top 25 on BGG, I was able to knock out the current #11 game on Saturday: Brass [by Martin Wallace, published by Eagle Games]. My verdict: it was a GREAT experience; the game is worthy of its high ranking.

Got in my 2nd play of Race For The Galaxy (RFTG) [by Tom Lehmann, published by Rio Grande Games], but it came in the wee hours of the night after playing Brass. My 1st play of RFTG was also at the end of a long game night, so my judgement on this game really needs to come after STARTING a night with it. 🙂

Earlier in the week, my daughter and I played a new game to our collection that we really enjoyed. Legacy: The Testament of Duke DeCrecy [by Michiel Hendriks, published by Portal Games]. This one is a worker placement / family tree building game that invokes fun stories about the cultural ramifications of arranged marriages in 18th century France. Okay, that might not sound “fun”, but trust me, it is.